Hardheaded Woman

Monday, December 9, 2013

Today's motivation: 

Today put this hardheaded woman in her place.    We had a teaching session for one of the major Olympic lifts, and Scott brought in some back up (more on this below).  Needless to say, pretty much every piece of advice he handed out or critique he offered up was something Scott had drilled in to me many times before.  Lesson learned:  I am stubborn to my own detriment. 

But I am determined to get better. 

Today's workout:

We started with the usual warm up - jumping jacks, stretching, planks, v sit-ups, band pull-aparts, and Scott's new favorite, the hollow rock.  Not my favorite I may add - it hurts like hell after a few seconds. 

This week is a deload week from Jim Windler's 5/3/1 series, so today's main movement was front squats at 50% of our training max for 3 sets of 5 reps.   My sets looked like this:

      Warm up:
           Bar (45 lbs) x 5
           55 lbs x 5
      Work Sets:
           65 lbs x 5
           65 lbs x 5
           75 lbs x 5

Next up, we worked on our snatches.  Scott brought in Andrew, another coach who he raves is good as hell at Olympic lifting, to teach the lift.   It is pretty technical, and I am on the opposite side of perfect right now, but I am determined to get good at this lift.  Pictures to come when I nail it.

In case you are interested, he is teaching the Glenn Pendlay method (Google it, there is plenty of research out there.  

Finally, we ended on a "mini" Cindy -  as many rounds as possible of:

            5 pullups (I used a band)
            10 pushups 
            15 squats
That's all folks.


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