You Are Defined By Your Habits

Friday, November 22, 2013

Today's Motivation:

I'll admit it - I'm guilty.  If I followed my urges, I'd sleep in, skip workouts, eat bacon cheeseburgers on the daily, obviously followed with a side of crispy, peppery fries drenched in malt vinegar.  Yum.

But, in the back of my mind I know better.  I know that habits like that aren't going to get me where I want to be.  Hence why I make myself reinforce the good habits on a daily basis.

Today's Workout:

Bench Press

We started with the bench press.  The goal was again to work up to 85% of my max.  Mine looked like this:

       Bar (45 lbs) x 5
       55 lbs x 5
       60 lbs x 5
       67.5 lbs x 5 (75% of max)
       72 lbs x 5 (80% of max)
       76.5 lbs x 11 (85% of max for max reps)

We then moved into a skill circuit of push-ups.  I worked on the strict push-up and the ring push-ups for 3 sets of 5 reps.

We finished the workout with a 3 minute "as-many-reps-as-possible" burpee challenge.  

Fun, fun, fun.

I managed 30 reps in 3 minutes.  And then I thought I might die.

Burpee AMRAP Challenge - that's me in the black

Up close and personal mid-burpee

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.  And can I get a "hell yeah" for the short holiday work week next week? 

Look for my Game Chili recipe this weekend (that I failed to post on Thursday because I'm a slacker).  Next week I will try my best to get back on schedule.  Life has been a little crazy as of late.


  1. whoo hooo and you need a hell yeh for all that work you're putting in

    1. Thanks Dominique!! It's a daily challenge!


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