Summer Body

Monday, November 11, 2013

Today's Motivation:

As the holidays approach and we are faced with a never ending parade of caloric- overdose-opportunities, I try to keep in mind that I can't achieve my summer body ideal in two or three short months. Never-gonna-happnen.   Amidst oceans of mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato pie, peppermint mochas and Grandma's 200 dozen cookies (I'm not exaggerating), always remember moderation is key.  And, whatever you do, save the workout skips to a minimum.

Today's Workout:

Warm-up and stretching to start (jumping jacks, band pull-aparts, v sit-ups, leg raises, planks, etc.).  After, a quick circuit of one minute each of the following:

         - Rower
         - Push ups
         - TRX Rows 
         - Landmines

Next up, a heavy lifting circuit of front squats.  We were tasked with a series of 8-6-3-1, with the one rep set being a "technical" max rep.  I warmed up with bar, then 75 lbs, and 95 lbs. 

Now is the point at which I have to admit I over-shot; my goal was 105 lbs, 115 lbs, 120 lbs and 125 lbs in the 8-6-3-1, but I missed my 8th and 6th rep in the first two sets.   I did manage to get the 120 lbs x 3 and the 125 lbs x 1, but I probably should have dropped down in weight at some point.  Also, I will take Scott's advice and try the wrist straps next time.  My wrist flexibility in front squats is nothing to write home about, and I need to take it down a notch before I hurt myself.

Humility is not my biggest strength.

Front Squat

Finally, we went through this quick and dirty (read painful) painful metabolic conditioning circuit.

Wall Balls - Squat....
and throw.  Looks easy, not so much.

Jumping Lunges
Please ignore the pained facial expression.  For jumping lunges, you literally jump and land in a lunge.  This was mid-landing.  Looking for a bum workout?  Look no further.  You can see a video example here.


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