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Monday, November 25, 2013

Today's Motivation:

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Even when you have to get out of your cozy bed at 3:20 in the morning to let your dog out in the freezing cold, and literally have to walk outside in said freezing cold in your skivvies (note to self: buy flannel jammies or at least a damn robe) to open the porch door because like and idiot you closed it before you went to bed to keep the robbers and boogeymen out and never quite go back to sleep before your hubby wakes you up at 4:45 to workout, put yourself first.  Workout.  At least get one thing in for you before you start your crazy day.

Today's Workout:

It was freaking cold this morning.  Freezing.  Literally.  We aren't used to that here in the southeastern US of A. 

And it's supposed to be 20 degrees warmer tomorrow.  Hmph.

Anywhos, because it was so cold, the warm up was critical.  We started with a 250 meter row, and quickly moved into lunges, v-situps, planks, leg raises, windmills, and various stretching.   First up in the main event - front squats.   Ick.  I pretty much through a fit and told Scott I was done with the front squats and it was back squats for me from here on out.

I'm such a brat.

He convinced me to stick it out through this training cycle.  I will likely throw 192 fits before the end of this.  See above.

The goal was to work up to 3 sets of 3 reps at 70%, 80%, and finally 90% for max reps (again, based on Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 program).  After warming up with the bar, then 55 lbs and 65 lbs, I moved into work sets of 75 lbs, 85 lbs, and 95 lbs for max reps.   In between the squat warm up sets and work sets, I did 5 box jumps (20 inches) and 2 pull ups with a teeny tiny red band.

My least favorite - Front Squats

Next up, the hardest circuit ever.

The goal was 8 rounds of alternating between 8 goblet squats and 25 steps and weighted carries, with a prescribed weight of 50% of body weight.  I tried... not happening.  I went with a little over 40% of body weight.  The real kicker was that for each time you had to set the weights down, which you inevitably will unless you're a real bad ass, you have to do 5 burpees at the end of the circuit. 

I finished the 8 rounds with 50 pounds in hand resting 3 times, meaning 15 burpees.

I'm already sore.

Goblet Squat
Weighted Carry

Sleep time.


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