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Friday, October 4, 2013

Today's Inspiration:

Via Pinterest

If this is true, I must be pretty damn awesome today.  Today's workout was all about endurance.  Pretty much 40 minutes of non-stop aerobic activity.   Yes, there was one or two breaks in there lasting a couple of minutes each, but none of them was really enough for me to catch my breath.  Have I mentioned my weakness is cardio?  Although I thought I might pass out a time or two,  I kept reminding myself what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.  Nine times out of ten, your mind will give up before your body will, so keep going.

Today's Workout:  

Not much more lead in necessary for this one.  After warming up with 100 jumping jacks, stretching, down dogs, up dogs, and foam rolling, we went right into this series of circuits:  

It was a rough one!  I am still out of breath.
Off to do the weekend stuff - closing a deal (more on that later), wine, chores, date night, creating recipes, menu planning, cooking, church, baby showering and more.  Hope you all have a fabulous one!

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