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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's Inspiration:

As Scott takes on more and more clients in the early morning hours, I have to remind myself that the only person I should be competing against in the gym is Moi. Training is a personal challenge.  Everyone has different strengths, abilities, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  If your goal is always to attempt to meet or beat every "competitor" in the gym, you will find yourself injured, or worse.  Instead, use your admiration for those at different fitness levels than you as motivation; pushing you to improve every day, but on a pace that is doable for your body. 

Today's Workout:

Another post lacking in pictures (sorry or your welcome depending on how you look at it).  Scott is still going though a transition with his business, so things have been a little crazy in the gym.  Hopefully, when the dust settles, I will find a way to squeeze in a few workout pictures; if for no other reason than your entertainment. 

Another CrossFit style work out.  We started with a warm up incorporating a hundy (100) jumping jacks of different styles, some stretching (downward dog, upward dog, push ups, etc.), and some running.  We then immediately moved into this bench press and pull up circuit:

The bench press should be heavy.  You want to warm up to a weight that's so heavy that you only have a few more reps in the tank after three reps.  Trust me, you'll know when you have reached that weight.

We ended the workout with a 16 minute 250 meter partner relay.  It's just what it sounds like, one person runs 250 meters while the other rests, and then the first runner rests while the second runs.  if you don't have a partner, time yourself while you run the 250 meters (as fast as possible of course), and set your rest periods equal to your run periods.

What did I learn from this?  I am still not a runner.


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