What Do You Want?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Today's Motivation:

I'll be the first to admit that it sucks - passing on the cake at the office birthday celebrations, forgoing the extra two hours of sleep or turning down a happy hour invite to get your fitness on, or getting your Five Guy's burger on lettuce while telling the chipper order taker to hold the perfectly salty, cooked to a crisp fries that only get better with vinegar.  But guess what?  It sure as hell beats the alternative - pulling on jeans that are too tight to zip up, becoming winded while climbing a measly two flights of stairs, or spiraling into a food coma after inhaling a plate of fried rice from your local Chinese takeout joint.  

So the next time you find yourself face to face with the pan of brownies you just selflessly baked for your fiance intending not to touch a one but instantly feeling tempted by the intoxicating smell causing your stomach to grumble, pause for a moment and think about your goals.  I bet you $10 that brownie won't be quite as irresistible.

Today's Workout:

Typical Monday brain - I forgot to charge my camera battery, so we are left with grainy, out of focus, HDR enhanced to try to overcompensate, pics.  Sorry. 

Ab Wheel
L Sit-ups
Hammer Hits

Push Ups
Glute Ham Raise
TRX Rows

We are working back into a new cycle of heavy lifting, so I started today with squats.  I worked my way up to 115 pounds and did 3 sets at 115 (with about 4 warm up sets).

 I ended the work out with a max effort Prowler Sprint; high handles 50 yards, low handles 50 yards, 50 lbs on the Prowler. 



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