Lifted Higher

Friday, September 27, 2013

Today's Inspiration: 

I was truly humbled from the support and praise I received from friends and family today after my favorite sister-in-law shared an article about Barbells and Bellinis that was recently published in a local magazine.  It quickly put yesterday's "annoyances" ('cause let's be honest, those blips were nowhere close to actual catastrophes) into perspective.  I am blessed aeons beyond what I could ever possibly deserve.  I have family who jumps at every possible opportunity to lift one another up; I'm about to marry the man of my dreams; my fabulous friends are right by my side at every turn I make in this crazy life;  I have the career I've been gunning for since first grade; and I have recently found a creative outlet and so many inspiring new friends through this blog. 

Wow.  Just wow!  Sending many thanks above today and every day.

Please forgive me for the sappy shpeal, I just had to get that out.  On to the heavy stuff...

Today's Workout:

I started with some stretching and foam rolling as usual.  After waking up, I went through this quick core circuit:

          Plank x 2 minutes
          Leg Raise with Hip Lift x 20
          Side Bends 50 lbs x 10 per side

The primary movement on the board for this Friday was dead lifts - really freaking heavy dead lifts.  I warmed up with 10 reps on the bar, 8 reps with 95 pounds on the bar, and 5 reps with 145 pounds on the bar.  I then immediately went into the following work sets:

           165 lbs x 2
           175 lbs x 2
           185 lbs x 2
           195 lbs x 2 (PR!!) 

I actually missed the second rep of the 195 lbs on the first try because I couldn't hold onto the bar.  Luckily, Scott showed me how to do a hook grip, so I was able to get the PR on the second attempt.  Wooooooohooo!!

Dead Lifts

Feeling pretty drained from the dead lifts, I finished the workout with one hundred 35 pound kettle bells swings in about 4 minutes.  

I then proceeded to do about fifty more because my photographer was asleep at the wheel (pretty sure he did that on purpose).

Kettle Bell Swings
We are off to dinner (Bistro 217 if I get my way), and to prepare for a busy weekend.  I have a wedding shower tomorrow morning followed by a wedding on Saturday night.  Sunday will be dedicated to last minute wedding prep and an attempt to begin restocking the freezer before we head to family dinner at my Grandma's house.  Hopefully I will cram some much needed catch-up sleep in there somewhere!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


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