Blueberry Almond Power Smoothie

Thursday, September 12, 2013

This is by far the easiest recipe I have posted, ever.

It has to be, it's breakfast, and on any given morning you will find me ten minutes late, running around like a mad woman trying to get ready while picking up the house, prepping for dinner, and and letting King in and out five times - I'm lucky to get out of there with matching shoes.   

This smoothie is a life saver because it takes less than five minutes, tastes amazing and is full of protein, antioxidants, probiotics and greens.  You'll feel like you have done your body a favor for the day, and will feel less guilty when you grab that doughnut or an order of french fries later.

Six easy steps and you're ready to go.

First you add the almond milk.

Next, toss in a sliced frozen banana.  

Make sure you slice it before you freeze it.  You'll find it's quite a challenge to slice once it's frozen.  Sadly, speaking from experience.

After the nanners, add a few dollops of the Greek yogurt.  The yogurt and the frozen banana give the smoothie a creamy consistency, and help minimize the graininess of the protein and greens powders. 

Then comes the almond butter.  You can really use any nut butter here, I've been using almond butter lately because I bought a gargantuan jar from Costco.  I may never have to buy almond butter again.   

In my opinion, it works best to add any powder additions before the blueberries, so add the protein powder, greens powder, or any other add ins you choose now.  I use Vibrant Health Green Vibrance and Sun Warrior Ultimate Raw Superfood Protein .

A word on the greens powder - I (recently) swear by them.  I have been drinking the greens powder either mixed with 4 ounces of orange juice as a shot or mixed in my morning smoothies for about three months now and I have already witnessed so many benefits.  My hair and nails have never been shinier - in fact a friend asked me over the weekend if I had gotten a Keratin treatment (nope).  I have much more energy and don't experience the usual 3:00 coma.  All around I just feel better.  I have no affiliation with the Green Vibrance people, and they certainly don't know that I exist.  I just wanted to share the wealth with you.

Finally, throw in three handfuls of frozen blueberries.

Blend away and enjoy!

Blueberry Almond Power Smoothie
Serves: 1
Total Time:  5 minutes

1 cup of plain almond milk
1 banana sliced and frozen
2 spoons of plain 0% Greek Yogurt 
2 spoons of almond butter
3 handfuls of frozen blueberries
Add Ins:  Protein Powder, Greens Powder, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Spinach

Add almond milk, frozen bananas, Greek yogurt,  almond butter, protein powder, green powder (or other add-in of choice), and blueberries to a blender and blend for approximately 1 minute.  It may help to stop the blender every 15 seconds or so to stir the ingredients to get them moving around.  Pour into a tall glass and enjoy. 


  1. Mmm, simple and delicious. I actually have all these ingredients to hand, hurrah! Except I cannot eat raw bananas so I will either have to cook them or use avocados in place...

  2. It really is a great recipe, easy to make, I really enjoy your articles, like what you have shared, I love your blog.

  3. Excellent article!!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this delicious recipe.


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