The Nut Job

Friday, August 9, 2013

Don't let this innocent face fool you...

"Don't listen to her, I'm innocent I tell ya."

This nut job was wide open this morning.  A menace.  A rascal.   A nuisance.  A terror.    

I think he drank my coffee when I wasn't looking. 

Slurp, slurp.

Typically, the businesses around Scott's gym are closed when I workout in the morning (no big surprise there).  However, this morning a local news crew was on location to film one of the dance troupes at the studio next to the gym, so there were a good 20 cars in the parking lot when I pulled in. *Cue the CRAZY dog*

Have I mentioned that King loves people?  Loves them.  He thinks all people are on this earth with the sole purpose to shower him with attention and scratches.  The sight of all those people "gathered to see him" so early in the morning sent King into level 10 show-off mode.

"Surely there is a treat in here somewhere..."

First, it was with his favorite traffic cone.

"Great, now I'm stuck."

Then, it was literally IN the traffic cone.

"Outta my way."

Next, he was was making a break for the outside.

"Free at last."

Where he proceeded to run his laps up and down the length of the building, through the ditch, to the woods, and back through the ditch once more to terrorize me during my prowler pushes. 

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I was worn-out just watching him.  The workout didn't help matters.

Today's workout:  

Ab Wheel

L-Sit Up


As for weights, you should aim for about 60%-70% of your max weight.  The weight should feel heavy, but not so heavy that you couldn't do another 5-8 reps. 

Dead Lift

Overhead Press

Pull Ups

I ended the workout with two 100 yard trips on the Prowler.  Yep, just two.   Two was all I had left in me - 90 lbs is a little ridiculous. 


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