Friday, August 16, 2013

Today's Inspiration:

If you aren't currently incorporating squats into your workout routine, you should probably remedy that as soon as possible.  Squats not only build strength in the legs and glutes, they also work to strengthen your core, increase your flexibility, improve your balance, and of course burn calories - it's truly a total body workout.  And ladies, while improving strength might not be every gal's number one goal, I'm certain that achieving a fit derriere is at least one of your top motivations for working out.  Squats are THE means to that end.  Don't believe me?  Google Image search "squats" for visual evidence of the many benefits of squatting (I would have posted a few pics, but I'm trying to keep things PG around here).

If you are new to squats, try starting with the goblet squat; it's a good intro into squats and helps you master the proper form.    If you want a little more information on the different variations of squats and techniques, this article offers a brief but informative overview.

Today's Workout:

Weighted Planks

Weighted Ab Wheel

L Sit-up

Glute Ham Raise

Suitcase Dead Lift / Side Bends


Bench Press
Single Arm Row

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

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