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Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Friday!   Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend (with a workout or two thrown in for good measure).  

Today's Inspiration:  

Via Pinterest

Every time I see this quote I smile.  After lifting for four years, I am fully aware of how hard women have to work to put on muscle - and it's a hell of a lot more than lifting at the gym a few days a week.  Throw the false "you'll get bulky" excuse out the window and pick up some weights!

Today's workout: 

1. Warm up

2.  Turkish Get-ups:
     - 15 lb kettle bell x 1 per side
     - 25 lb kettle bell x 2 per side
     - 35 lb kettle bell x 3 per side


And then my camera battery died.  We pressed on with the point and shoot.  Sorry for the blur.

3.  Squats:

     - Warm up: Bar x 5
     - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
     - Warm up:  75 lbs x 5
     - Warm up:  90 lbs x 5
     - First set:  105 lbs x 5
     - Second set:  120 lbs x 5
     - Third set:  135 lbs x 5

4.  Circuit:  2 sets, no rest
     - Step-up and Reverse Lunge x 10 per leg
     - TRX Rows x 15 



TRX Rows

5.  Bike Tibata:  20 seconds max effort, 10 second normal effort, repeat 8 cycles

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