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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Today's Inspiration: 

In addition to changing up my eating, Scott and I decided to change up my work out program in the last couple of months before the wedding, focusing more on circuit training than heavy strength training.  Call me crazy, but I'd prefer to look lean and muscular than bulky and muscular on my wedding day.  

Don't think for a second that he made my workouts any easier, in fact, I'd argue mentally they are more challenging.  Yes, the weight is lower, but the reps are higher, and you have to continuously push past the mental crap.  When you are working with heavy weight, there comes a point when you physically cannot go on (without risking injury).  When you are working with lower weights and high rep ranges, you know that physically you can keep going when fatigue sets in, you just have ignore the mental quitter in you.

This quote is on point with my workout this morning.  When I reached the 4th and 5th sets, I was tempted to lower the rep ranges, especially on the bench press.  However,  I knew I would have to post those lower rep ranges on here and admit that I gave up.  I have a slight issue with admitting defeat (some might argue that I am hyper-competitive), and that thought alone gave me the motivation I needed to ignore the pain, the mental block, and finish the prescribed reps. 

Today's Workout:

Suitcase Dead Lift

Bent Over Row

Clean & Press

Goblet Squat



Sled Drags

Bent Over Row

Glute Ham Raise

I won't name any names, but someone was lacking in motivation this morning...

Lazy Bum


  1. thanks for posting this change to your workouts. I'm not even sure how I found your blog, but I always wonder if I should mix up lifting heavy with more reps of lighter weights. For just maintaining (as opposed to hitting a specific goal), would you guys recommend switching it up? Like lift heavy for a week or two, and then the next week lighter w/ more reps? I've seen some training plans that do this, but haven't mentally been able to turn off the "can I lift heavier than this"? in my brain. Thanks! (and PS - you look amazing, your recipes kick butt, and I am a fellow big-dog lover, so I totally get King.) Stalking over.

    1. Christy, I'm so glad you stumbled here; and no worries, I am flattered by your "stalking". :)

      Scott usually switches up my training every 6 weeks or so. I will go through a series of heavy lifting with low reps focusing on improving my one rep max weight. Then I will go through a series of circuit training with lower weight and higher reps. This gives your joints a break and allows you to work to improve endurance. If nothing else, changing the routine keeps your muscles guessing, which is always a good thing. In my opinion, switching between the two is a good maintenance routine as far as maintaining a body weight, but you should still be improving your strength. If the goal is weight loss, I would advise to put more emphasis on the circuit training with a goal of moving fast and really getting your heart rate up in every workout. I will ask Scott if he has any additional advice.

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