Cute is Not the Goal

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Today's Inspiration: 

Via Pinterest
Let's be honest, the first part does not apply to me... at all.  The last thing on my mind at the crack of dawn is what I look like (with the exception of the workout clothes - I like those to be cute).  But I do make a conscious effort to bust my ass every morning during my workout to the point that I am a sweaty mess by the time I leave the gym.  Some mornings are better than others, and you will have that, but as long as you have that goal in mind, you will have a good workout.

Today's Workout:

1. Stretch and warm up

2. Core - Turkish Get-ups:  
       - 25 lb kettle bell x 5 per side

Turkish Get-ups

3.  Full Body Circuit

Overhead Kettle Bell Swings

Snatch and Press (I did clean and press during the circuit, but tried a few of these at the end)

Lat Pull Down (or up in this case)

Step Ups

4.  Airdyne Bike Tabata: 20 seconds of max effort riding, followed by 10 seconds of minimal effort riding, repeated continuously for 5 minutes (10 cycles).

Airdyne Tabata

And just for reference, my view while I'm busting my tail:

Opposite of Tabata


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