Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm not gonna lie - this morning's workout wrecked me.  Drained me. Sucked the life out of me.  Put a fork in me, I'm done. 
We combined squats with bench presses today to make up for my skipped workout on Monday.  That combination alone is enough to zap all of my energy for the day.  Couple that with the fact I went to bed late, yet again, and you have a recipe for complete exhaustion. In his defense, Scott warned me not to max out my reps today and preserve my energy instead, which only made me more determined to go for the max.  Can't tell me nothing. 

Moral of the story:  I'm not cooking tonight. 

Today's workout:  

1. Warm up

2. Turkish Get-Up Ladder with Windmill
       - 15 lb kettle bell x 1
       - 25 lb kettle bell x 2
       - 35 lb kettle bell x 3

Get-ups and Cones

3.  Squats: Ladder circuit 
     - Warm up:  Bar x 5
     - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
     - 1st set:  95 lbs x 5
     - 2nd set:  110 lbs x 5
     - 3rd set:  120 lbs x 10 (this round goal was max reps, but no more than 10;  I did 10)
     - 4th set:  110 lbs x 5
     - 5th set:  95 lbs x 10 (this round goal was max reps, but no more than 10;  I did 10)


4.  Bench Press Ladder (super set with Chest Supported Row with 25 lbs in between each set)
      - Warm up:  Bar x 5
              Row x 10
      - 1st set:  70 lbs x 5
              Row x 10
      - 2nd set: 80 lbs x 5
              Row x 10
      - 3rd set:  90 lbs x 8 (goal was max reps, no more than 10)
              Row x 10
      - 4th set:  80 lbs x 5
               Row x 10
      - 5th set: 70 lbs x 10  (goal was max reps, no more than 10)
               Row x 10

Bench Press


King, on the other hand, was a ball of energy.  King - 3, Cone - 0. 

Check out that drool!

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