Monday, July 1, 2013

A few things:

1.   The Fourth of July is one of my most favorite holidays.  For as long as my parents have had their house in Garden City, friends and family have gathered to spend the day grilling out, boating, beaching, visiting, watching (and following) the Murrells Inlet boat parade, shooting fireworks and winding up the day watching the beautiful fireworks show over the inlet.  If it gives you a clue as to how excited I am, I started preparing on Saturday for Thursday's festivities, and will continue to prepare through Wednesday night.  In fact, I'm currently sipping on my cocktail of choice for Thursday, a Paloma, just to be sure I have the recipe perfected.  You can never be too prepared.     

2.  It's even better when the 4th falls close to the weekend, like this year, giving you the possibility of making a long weekend out of it (and you know I did).  Which means that today is my Wednesday.  Amazing.

3.   In preparation for my favorite holiday, I made a HUGE batch of Bourbon Pimento Cheese to take to our 4th of July lunch at work and to my parents house for the cookout (minus the bourbon because of the whole work thing).  And when I say huge, I mean its fills the biggest salad bowl ever made.  There is a good chance I will eat it all before it reaches either destination. 

4.  It has been raining non-stop for the last three days, and it appears that this weather is predicted to carry into possibly Friday.  The weather man needs to lock it up. 

Today's workout:

1.  Ab Circuit:  2 sets 
      - Ab wheel x 15
      - Leg raise with hip lift x 15
      - Modified reverse hyper-extensions x 15
      - Side Bends 50 lbs kettle bell x 15 per side

2.  Squats:
      - Warm up:  Bar x 5
      - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
      -  Warm up:  95 lbs x 5
      - 1st set:  110 lbs x 5
      - 2nd set:  120 lbs x3
      - 3rd set: 130 lbs x 1
      - 4th set:  140 lbs x 1
      - 5th set: 150 lbs x 1 (new 1 rep max, although I think I could have gone higher)

Getting ready...
concentrating hard on my form (someone who will not be named seemed to think it was suffering on the set before this)...
hitting a new one rep max in pretty good form (in my not so humble opinion).

3.  Circuit:  3 sets, no rest between sets
      - Walking lunges with 15 lbs kettle bells in each hand x 8 per leg
      - TRX rows x 12
      - Landmines 20 lbs on bar x 8 per side

Walking Lunges

TRX Rows
Land Mines


  1. Have you tried squatting barefoot? I've heard that it makes driving up with your heels easier and thus improves form. I designate you as the guinea pig for this experiment in exercise physiology.


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