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Monday, July 8, 2013

A few things:

1.  After the long holiday weekend, I was less than enthused when my wake up call came at 5:00 am.  Obviously, King shared my sentiments.  

2.   Although I did not post my usual Friday workout (the food post wins out over the workout post every time), I did in fact work out AND I actually set a personal max for both dead-lifts and overhead press.  Woohoo.  I managed to pull a 190 lb dead-lift and press 75 lbs.

3.  While blowing my monthly shopping budget shopping at Home Goods on Sunday, I grabbed these as my mom and I stood in line waiting to check out: 

YumEarth Organics Lollipops.  Best impulse buy of the month.  I generally do not crave sweets (I'm a salty food snacker), but from time to time I will get a sugar craving after lunch.  In efforts to avoid sabotaging a day of healthy eating, I try to keep reasonably healthy sweet snacks in my desk to curb my sweet tooth when it hits (dark chocolate, gum, mints, etc.).  These suckers are definitely my new go-to.  They are organic, contain no dyes, no high fructose corn syrup, they are made from real fruit, and they have Vitamin C.  Not to mention they are insanely delicious.  Win.
4.  Because I'm a self-confessed over the top clean freak who doesn't know how to relax, I feel comfortable in telling you that I chose to use my extra time off over the holiday weekend to wash all of my couch coverings this weekend (think 10 loads of laundry).  Let me just say that if you are in the market for a couch and you have a dog/kid/other 2-4 legged critter, or your simply have OCD issues like myself, I highly recommend a slip cover couch in a durable, washable fabric.   It's like we have a brand-spankin' new couch.  OCD win.

My workout today: 
1.  Warm up
2.  Turkish Get-Up followed by a Windmill: 1 rep of each per side
     - 10 lbs x 1 per side
     - 15 lbs x 1 per side
     - 20 lbs x 1 per side
     - 25 lbs x 1 per side

I wanted to show you the get-ups step by step...

but it would probably be easier for you to just watch a video.

I think I should at least get an "A" for effort.
And of course, the Windmill.

3.  Squats: Ladder circuit 
     - Warm up:  Bar x 5
     - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
     - 1st set:  85 lbs x 5
     - 2nd set:  100 lbs x 5
     - 3rd set:  115 lbs x 10 (this round goal was max reps, but no more than 10;  I did 10)
     - 4th set:  100 lbs x 5
     - 5th set:  85 lbs x 10 (this round goal was max reps, but no more than 10;  I did 10)

In between the squats, I did a few upper body exercises to stay warm.  

TRX Rows

Resistance Band Push Downs

4.  Core Circuit:  1 set of each
      - Ab Wheel x 50 (I seriously thought I might die about half way through)
      - Leg Raises with Hip Lift x 50
      - Landmines x 50 per side

Ab Wheel

Typical mid-ab wheel discussion with King about whose "toy" the ab wheel is (really, I just needed a break).

Leg Raise with Hip Lift


And last but not least, a gratuitous King shot. 

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