Bacon Blue Bison Burgers

Thursday, July 11, 2013


I have a new guilty pleasure.  I am absolutely, 100%, no help in sight for me, ADDICTED to the show Scandal.  As usual, I'm late to the party.  I realize this.   It's just that we don't watch a lot of TV, and when we actually had cable and turned the TV on, we never watched network television.  All of our shows were Showtime and HBO.  Now that we rely on Hulu, Amazon and Apple, we have so many options, with previews. Trouble.   Previews are the best invention ever. 

Problem is, Scott hates it.  Humph.  Too bad for Scott - it plays 24-7 'round these parts.

Ongoing affair with the President?  Star crossed lovers?  Multiple spy-slash-assasins-crazy people?  Murder, lies, manipulation, treason, kidnapping, hookups, break ups, and the ole' only in Hollywood not at all real life romantic spin on the second oldest profession on earth (my profession)?  Let me get a hell yeah.  Right up my alley.   The crazier the better.
Want to know another guilty pleasure? 

Burgers.  I'm not talking about those cheap, fast cheese "burgers" from fast food joints (gross).  It calls into mind my current favorite saying - "You are what you eat, so don't be fake, easy, fast or cheap."  Love it. 

I'm talking about big, fat, juicy, cheesy, bacony burgers.  Those burgers where every single bite is so unbelievably mouth-watering it's absolutely worth blowing your diet over. 

Of course, I started with ground bison, thinking I'd try my hand at making a healthier burger.  One that I would be proud to have up here next to a workout.  One that would impress you with my healthy eating habits.   

But, in typical fashion, I quickly decided to throw in a half a pound of bacon and a few handfuls of blue cheese to add a "little" flavor.  It is a guilty pleasure after all - healthy would ruin the guilty part of the pleasure. 

I did ditch the bun about a fourth of the way through.  It's something.

Bacon Blue Bison Burgers
Serves: 10
Prep Time:  20 minutes
Cook Time:  10 minutes
Total Time:  30 minutes

2 pounds of ground bison
1/2 pound of ground chuck
1/2 pound of bacon, cut into 1 inch slices and placed in freezer at least 1 hour before prep (I used apple wood smoked)
1/4 pound of blue cheese
2 tablespoons Worcestershire 
1 teaspoon of black pepper
1 teaspoon of salt 
2 garlic cloves, minced
Lettuce, tomato, onion, and condiments for garnish 
Hamburger buns (I used whole grain sourdough rolls)

Add partially frozen bacon pieces to a food processor and pulse until broken down into crumbles.   In a large bowl, add bison, chuck, bacon crumbles, blue cheese, Worcestershire, salt, pepper and garlic and mix well with hands to combine.  Form meat into burger patties approximating 1/4 of a pound (you should make about 10 burgers).  Heat grill to high heat.   Add burgers and grill for about 5 minutes per side, flipping every 2 1/2 minutes (for a total of 3 flips).  Be careful not to overcook, bison will get tough if cooked to well done.  In last 3 minutes of cooking, add buns to grill cut side down until browned.  Serve with condiments of your choosing.  We enjoyed ours with lettuce, tomato, homemade mayo, dill pickle ground mustard, Slatherin' Sauce (yes, I'm addicted) and homemade sweet potato fries.  When I say "we", I mean "me".  Scott had his burgers (4) with a slice of cheese on a bun. 


  1. Yum I LOVE bison we have to try this when we get our new grill looks delish

  2. ChristineJuly 27, 2013

    Where did you find ground bison?

    1. Christine, our grocery store The Fresh Market sells ground bison. I am guessing Whole Foods would also sell bison if you have one of those in your area.


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