Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Something you may not know about me - I may be the clumsiest person to ever walk this earth.  If there is even the slightest unevenness in the ground, you can bet I will trip.   If there is a corner sticking out,  rest assured I'm walking straight into it.  If I am holding something, nine times out of ten I'll drop it.  I'd be utterly embarrassed to admit to you how many iPhone faces, and iPhones themselves, I've had to replace because of my clutzo ways.  The Otter Box is no match for me.   
So please ignore the awful bruises on my legs.  While I can't even remember what it was I bumped into, it undoubtedly left a lasting impression in the form of ugly blackish purple bruises on my legs. 

Today's workout:

1.  Warm up

2.  Prowler:  2 trips, high handles, 50 yards each trip, 20 lbs on prowler.

3.  Ab Circuit:  1 set
      - Ab wheel x 12
      - Modified Reverse Hyper x 12
      - Side Bends 50 lbs x 12

Ab Wheel
Modified Reverse Hyper
Side Bends

4.  Circuit:  Alternate between bench press and chest supported row
      Bench Press:
      - Warm up: 45 lbs x 5
      - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
      - 1st Set:  70 lbs x 5
      - 2nd Set:  75 lbs x 5
      - 3rd Set:  80 lbs x 5
      Chest Supported Row
      - Warm up:  Empty bar x 10
      - Warm up:  10 lbs x 10
      - 1st - 3rd Set:  25 lbs x 10

Bench Press
Chest Supported Row

5. Circuit: Alternate between inclined press and face pulls
      Inclined Press
      - 25 lbs dumbbells x 12
      Face Pulls
      - Resistance Band x 12

Incline Press

Face Pulls
6. Circuit: Alternate between curls and tricep push downs
      Barbell Curls
      -35 lbs x 12
      Tricep Push Downs with Resistance Band 
      - Resistance band x 12

Tricep Push Downs

7.  Prowler:  2 trips, low handles, 50 yards each trip, 20 lbs on prowler.

Look at Deanna go!
King's and My Turn

1 comment:

  1. I can totally relate, i am also super duper klutzy! If there is something to trip over or even if there isn't I am there! :)


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