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Monday, June 17, 2013

A few things: 
1.  I am back to looking like Casper's more translucent cousin.  I have to admit, I kinda miss the Oompa Loompa orange. Looks like I'll be having a much needed appointment with the beach this weekend.  

2. Workouts are always ten times more difficult after a vacation.  Never fails.  Even short, four day vacations incorporating workouts.  What gives?
3.  Work days are always fifty times more difficult after vacation.  Never fails.  Even short, four day vacations incorporating work via email.  What gives? 
4.  My wedding is 4 months away.  That's 130 days to be exact.  I am not exactly on schedule in the planning process according to The Knot website, and by "not exactly" I mean way the hell off schedule.  Help. 

5.  After two years of living with a freezer that is over-stuffed to the point of (a) narrowly avoiding several broken toes from falling frozen chicken breasts, and (b) repeatedly having to throw away perfectly good ice cream to make room for the five casseroles I thought I had room for (but should have known I did not), I have decided to buy a freezer for our garage.  Recommendations welcome.

Today's Workout:

1.  Warm up

2.  Ab Circuit: 1 set 
      - Plank x 60 seconds (alternating raising arms and legs)
      - Ab wheel x 12
      - Leg raise with hip lift x 12
      - Landmine 10 lb x 12 per side
      - Side bends 50 lb kettle bell x 12 per side

To increase the intensity of planks, try alternating lifting your arms and toes off of the ground for 10-15 seconds at a time (or more).  To really amp it up, try lifting one arm and the opposite leg at the same time for 10-15 seconds at a time. 

I did not particulalry want to amp up my workout this morning, but my drill sargent had other plans.  Maybe it had something to do with me lamenting about my vacation indulgences.

Ab Wheel

Leg Raise with Hip Lift

3.  Squats:  
      - Warm up:  45 lbs x 5
      - Warm up:  65 lbs x 5
      - Warm up:  95 lbs x 5
      - First work set:        110 lbs x 5
      - Second work set:   115 lbs x 5
      - Third work Set:      120 lbs x 5

4.  Circuit:  5 sets, alternating between exercises, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
      - Walking lunges
      - TRX rows
      - Glute ham raise
      - Push ups

Walking Lunges

TRX Rows

Glute Ham Raise

Push Ups

5.  Prowler:  3 trips, 30 lbs on the bars, 50 yards per trip.

Prowler and a King sighting


  1. We just got a freezer for our garage, which made me the happiest girl on the planet...It's going to change your life!! :) And P.S. Don't let the daunting Knot checklist get to you...By the time we were married I had like a million to-do's left on that thing!! :)

    1. Kat, you know if anyone needs a dang freezer its me. I have even considered an extra fridge.

  2. I wish we had room for a huge freezer but we are in an apartment. I think once we buy a house I will definitely be buying a huge freezer to fill :)

    1. Jan,

      It definitely helps advance meal planning and prepping for easy week night meals!


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