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Monday, May 20, 2013

Our 6:00 am workout group just got a little bigger!   My sis-in law Morgan is now working out with us on MWF.  I have to brag a little about her - the doctor just cleared her to workout post pregnancy on Friday and she immediately contacted me about joining our group.  She even agreed to start running with me on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I'm so excited to have another motivator to work out (Iet's be honest, I need all the motivation I can get).  And kudos to my little brother for looking after Miss Walker so that Morgan has the opportunity to work out in the mornings!
Now on to the workout.
But first, a close up of my gaudy new running shoes.  I was so excited to find these on my doorstep Saturday morning.

New Kicks
Could they possibly be any louder?  No.  Any tackier?  No. And, not surprising, I absolutely love them!  I'm hoping they help with my motivation to get into this running business. Not to mention they are ridiculously comfortable. Asics knows a thing or two about arch support.

1.  Sled Drags
     - 45 lbs x 50 yards
     - 70 lbs x 50 yards
     - 95 lbs x 50 yards

2.  Ab Circuit
     - Plank x 1 minute
     - Leg raises with hip lift x 20
     - Landmine x 20 per side

3.  Circuit:  3 sets, alternating, less than a minute rest between sets
     - Split Squats x 10 (1st set:  body weight, 2nd set: 20 lbs, 3rd set 40 lbs)
     - Bench Press x 10 (1st set: 20 lbs, 2nd and 3rd set:  25 lbs)
     - Row x 10 (1st set: 20 lbs, 2nd and 3rd set: 25 lbs)

Bench Press
4.  Prowler:  3 trips, 20 lbs on handles, 50 yards total each trip, high handles half trip, low handles half trip


Please excuse me for blinding you with my stark whiteness.  I did my best to remedy this problem on Sunday, and then it rained less than two hours in.  I'm thinking I need to look into spray tanning or else continue to wear pants despite the 100% humidity and soon to be 90 degree temperatures at 6 in the morning.  Either way, the above is unacceptable. 

King agrees.

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  1. I love your new running shoes :) Sometimes the louder colours the better!


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