The Anti-Runner

Friday, May 17, 2013

Guess what I did?  

I think I may be losing my mind, or at least my sense of self.  Yesterday, I ordered running shoes, athletic ear-buds and purchased the "0 to 5k" App.  I have decided to start running.  If you've glanced at the "About Me" section of this blog, you will already know that I hate running.  I detest it.  Running is cruel and unusual punishment in my book.  It's painful, it's redundant, and I can't breathe.  I'd rather do a Prowler challenge for crying out loud.

Here's the dilemma - I want a little more definition for the summertime and the upcoming wedding (i.e. less fat hiding my muscle).  In my experience, there are three ways to lose fat:  (1) weightlifting, (2) eating the right food and (3) cardio (ick).  I'm already doing (1), and I'm pretty good with (2) (see exception below), but I'm not so highly rated in (3).  

Scott and I have had this conversation multiple times, and his answer is the same every time - cut out the wine.  My response is also the same every time:  crickets chirping in the back ground, a puzzled look, and a few seconds later HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  

Honestly, he must be joking.  Never.  Gonna.  Happen.  My glass(es) of wine after work is a sanity saver.  Don't get me wrong, I realize that he is 100% correct, I'm just not willing to go there.  So I am choosing the lesser of two evils and lacing up the running shoes two to three days a week on the days I don't lift.  Hopefully, I can take King with me to make the experience slightly more bearable.  I will keep you posted on my progress (or lack thereof). 

Today's workout:

1.  Warm up

2.  Sled drags:  3 trips, 70 lbs, 50 yards each trip

Sled Drags under King's Supervision
3.  Ab Circuit:  1 set
     - Ab wheel x 12
     - Leg raises with hip lift x 20
     - Landmines x 20 per side
     - Back raises x 20

Ab Wheel
Leg Raises with Hip Lift (and a photo bomber)
Landmines (notice the newly minted atlas stones - not mine)
Back Raise
4.  Dead lifts:
     - Warm up: 65 lbs x 8
     - Warm up:  85 lbs x 8
     - Warm up:  105 lbs x 8
     - Warm up:  115 lbs x 8
     - Work set:  125 lbs x 8
     - Work set:  135 lbs x 8
     - Work set:  145 lbs x 8

Deadlift Part 1
Deadlift Part 2
5.  Circuit:  3 work sets, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Warm up:  Overhead Press 45 lbs x 8, Band Assisted Pull-ups x 8
      - Work set:  Overhead Press 50 lbs x 8, Band Assisted Pull-ups x 8

Overhead Press
Band Assisted Pull-ups

6.  Prowler:  3 trips, 20 lbs on handles, 50 yards total each trip, high handles half trip, low handles half trip

Less Torturous Than Running


  1. I jogged around my block as a direct result of this post. I am not happy about this.

    1. And how did the stair running go?

  2. I love running it is my preferred exercise over weight lifting because my hubby looks like a body builder and we don't need to be twins lol I would love a six pack though just not bulging biceps and I want more defined calves. Thinking about joining a crossfit gym too! Keep up the good work and great recipes wine is a working woman's best friend :)

    1. Dominique,

      You are so right about the wine! And give the weights a try again. My fiance owns a gym and also looks like a body builder, but I am pretty certain that I will never get to that level. Ha!


  3. April,
    I stumbled upon your blog randomly one day, it was possibly a post on pinterest that led me here, but much like you, i love food, workout to feel good, and workout more to eat the food I want, and I hate hate hate running. As a result of your post, I bought the app, and I will do it with you!!!!
    Let me just say, if you can master those crossfit workouts, and be ballsy enough to share your life with the world like you do, you can master running1 Get it girl!!!!!

    1. Catherine,

      This made my day! I am so happy to know that someone is picking up running with me (even better that you are also not a fan of running :) ). Today was my first day and it was surprisingly enjoyable. I went at 6am when the world was still quiet and it was so peaceful. Great way to start the day. Let me know how you like it.



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