Playing Hooky

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I skipped the gym today.

The downside to blogging about your fitness regime is that you have to broadcast your laziness to the world on the days you decide you just can't fit a workout in your schedule; whether it's because of social plans, family commitments, work, or the need for a few extra hours of sleep.

Or just because you would rather drink wine.

While I whole heartedly agree with the dapper looking fellow above, my reason for skipping today revolves around sleep (or the lack thereof).  Even I don't drink wine at 6:00 am (anymore).

Monday night Scott and I got about four hours of sleep (he may have only gotten three).  First it was the bikers.  I swear it sounded like a group of them had convened on the dirt road behind our house (Murrells Inlet's layout is interesting to say the least).  The exhaust noise was ten times louder than we usually experience during bike week, and at 2:00 am, this alone is enough to send me into a blind rage.  My theory was likely derived from the fact that I noticed smoke coming from the woods behind our house on Monday morning, and upon investigation, discovered it was a group of bikers who had obviously decided that they had found a lovely camping spot.  Directly behind our house.  And built a fire.  Lovely.  Then King was all riled up from the exhaust noise and refused to settle down, sleep, or even simply lay down and be quiet.  It was a constant click, click, click of nails and some intermittent whining.  Lovely.   Then, Scott's golf elbow (or tennis elbow, or some sort of elbow) flared up, so he was tossing and turning and unable to get comfortable.  Lovely.

I made it through the work day, but by the end of the day I was spent.  So naturally, I scrapped all plans for dinner, ran home and threw my frozen Chicken and Broccoli Casserole in the oven (thank the Lord for a freezer), and headed off to unwind with a glass of wine on the inlet with my mom and her best friend Kim who is visiting from Nashville.  It was the right call.

When I got home, Scott and I agreed that we were both in need of a good night's sleep.  That coupled with the fact that my mom had already canceled because of Kim being in town and Scott not having a client until 9:00 am made our decision easy.

So I slept for 9+ hours last night.  On a week night.  And I do not regret it for a minute (although I might when I actually have to put a bathing suit on this season).


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