Out of Whack

Friday, May 31, 2013

Transitioning from working out three days a week to working out six days a week has been a little challenging.  I woke up this morning cranky, exhausted, and incredibly sore.  And that's after foam rolling for a good ten minutes last night and having the good fortune of sleeping through the night without the usual interruption of King getting up on the bed, getting off the bed, or just pacing the floors for the hell of it at 3:00 am.

And I'm ravenous.  I'm talking give me a cheeseburger and some french fries and a side of hot dog from Five Guys.  Maybe a milk shake.  The kind of hungry that will convince you to throw all ideas of eating healthy out the window.  So far, I haven't gone off the deep end.  This morning I settled for two boiled eggs, Ezekiel toast, and about a cup of Black Bean Hummus with celery for breakfast.   Admittedly a strange breakfast combination, but it kept me from stopping at Hardee's for a Smoked Sausage Biscuit.  By the way, have your heard those radio commercials??  I have not actually tried this smoked sausage biscuit, but that damn man rambling on about the snap of the sausage, the gooey cheese and the buttery biscuit using so many adjectives that I can literally taste that dang biscuit while putting my face on in the morning must be stopped. He is evil.  

My will power only goes so far.  

Today's Workout:

1.   Warm up

2.  Sled Drags:  2 trips
     - 70 lbs x 50 yards

Sled Drags
 3.  Ab Circuit:  1 set
      - Plank 1 minute (and stare down)
      - Ab wheel x 15
      - Leg raises with hip lift x 15
      - Rever modified hyperextensions x 12
      - Landmines x 15 per side
      - Kettle bell carry 35 lbs x 50 yards (switching hands half way)

Plank (and a staring contest/growling contest with King)
Ab Wheel

Reverse Hyper (not any easier today I'm afraid)
4.  Deadlifts:          
      - 1st set:  75 lbs x 15
      - 2nd set:  85 lbs x 12
      - 3rd set:  95 lbs x 10
      - 4th set:  105 lbs x 8

Funny thing - I made a snarky comment to Scott about the "puniness" of the weight before starting this set.  I ate my words after finishing the high rep range.  It was definitely a challenge. 

And this is the result of objecting to the angle of the camera mid-lift - "Don't get my face")
 5.  Circuit:  4 sets, alternating, less than a minute rest between sets        
       - Overhead Press:
           1st set:  35 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  40 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  45 lbs x 10
           4th set:  50 lbs x 8
      - Pull ups
           1st set x 15
           2nd set x 12
           3rd set x 10
           4th set x 8

I accidentally deleted the overhead press and pull up pictures, but you get the idea. 

Have a great weekend!


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