Not Half Bad

Friday, May 24, 2013

So first things first, I have to tell you my first day of the "0 to 5k" App challenge really wasn't half bad.  In fact, it was actually rather enjoyable.  My mom was staying at the beach this week, so she decided to join me (which required me to switch up the play list - but I didn't mind a bit because I find working out much more enjoyable with company).  We headed out at 6:00 am and chose a route along the waterfront in Murrells Inlet.  The morning air was cool and we had the sleepy inlet to ourselves with the exception of a group of elderly men drinking their morning coffee and shooting the breeze on the docks.   It was  honestly the perfect start to my day.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning's run, and I'm thinking I may take this guy with me.

"I won't suffer in silence woman"
Also, my friend Katherine recently moved to the inlet for the foreseeable future, and she has agreed to start running with me in the mornings.  Nothing like running partners to hold you accountable!

Today's Workout: 

1. Sled Drags:  3 trips
       - 95 lbs x 50 yards

2.  Ab Circuit
      - Ab wheel x 15
      - Knee raises x 20
      - Turkish get-ups 40 lbs bag x 3 per side

Ab Wheel
Knee Raises
Turkish Get-Ups
In control...
Keeping it together...
WTH happened?

3.  Circuit: 4 sets, alternating, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Dead lifts:
           1st set:  90 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  110 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  130 lbs x 8
           4th set:  150 lbs x 5
      - Overhead Press
           1st set:  45 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  50 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  55 lbs x 8
           4th set:  60 lbs x 5
     - Band Assisted Pull-ups
           1st set:   x 15
           2nd set:  x 12
           3rd set:   x 8
           4th set:  x 5

Overhead Press
I hope you all have a fabulous and safe Memorial Day weekend!  Our office is closing at 3:00, giving me an early start to a weekend full of lots of cooking, a workout or two, good times with friends and family, and a little R&R in the sun.  


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