Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So tomorrow morning marks the beginning of my most recent attempt to become a runner (Yes, I've tried this many a time before, and yes, I sucked at it every time.  What's the definition of insanity again?) 

I'm scared. 

As with most people, music is a significant motivator in my workouts - it helps get me moving and keep me moving.   So I created this playlist to use in collaboration with the "0 to 5K" App I downloaded the other day.  Hopefully, these jams will pump me up and motivate me to run straight through that 5k on the first day.  

Yeah right, I'm just hoping they help me survive.  Wish me luck!

Today's workout:

1. Sled Drags
      - 70 lbs x 50 yards
      - 95 lbs x 50 yards
      - 120 lbs x 50 yards

Pretty sure 120 lbs is a record for me... sure as hell felt like one.
Not to be outdone by a girl, he races ahead.
2. Ab Circuit
      - Ab wheel x 15
      - L sit-ups x 20
      - Hammer hits 8 lbs hammer x 20 per side

Ab Wheel and His Highness Stealing the Frame
L Sit-ups
3. Circuit:  4 sets, alternating, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Bench Press:
           1st set:  55 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  60 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  65 lbs x 8
           4th Set:  70 lbs x 5
      - Chest supported row  20 lbs x 15
      - Kettle bell swings 35 lbs x 20 (over head)

Bench Press
Chest Supported Row
4.  Circuit:  2 sets, less than a minute rest between sets
     - Walking lunges x 10 per leg
     - Tricep Extensions 10 lbs + resistance band x 10
     - Alternating Curls 20 lbs x 10

Walking Lunges (aka Butt Lifters)
Tricep Extensions with Resistance Band (and a little sniffing inspection)


  1. Music definitely helps! The Couch to 5k run program is what made me first ever think I could run so I think you will definitely enjoy it.

    Good luck :)

    1. Jan,

      Today went well. I actually even enjoyed myself (shockingly). Hopefully I continue to enjoy the program as the running periods are extended.


  2. Black Betty is the best song! I did Couch to 5k and it is super duper helpful. I made playlists to time with the runs and walks on the app.

    1. Jacquelyn,

      That's a great idea to make playlist timed with the runs! I will have to try that. And I survived today, so that is a good sign.


  3. great playlist lol @ is that your chick you should add some 36 maffia 'who run it"

    1. Dominique, that song takes me back to my high school and early college days - love it! And I love the recommendation for the "who run it".


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