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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of time for blogging this evening because I am headed out for some sushi with my cousin Jill and our best friend Katherine at a new spot in the inlet called the Wicked Tuna.  Scott and I first ate at the Wicked Tuna a few weeks back, and I have to say the sushi is phenomenal - very fresh and incredibly creative.  Oh, and its located on the waterfront giving you the picture perfect inlet and marina view while you eat.  That never hurts. 

My workout today looked like this:

1.  Warm up

2. Sled drags: 3 trips total
      - 70 lbs x 50 yards

So at this point, I have to fill you in on one of King's many quirks - he often tries to pick fights with inanimate objects, like the prowler and the sled.  I'm not sure what he finds so offensive about these particular pieces of equipment over all of the others in the gym, but they never fail to get him riled up and ready for a fight when I pull them out.  I'm talking about a full fledged barking and growling assault complete with some nose nudging. It's quite entertaining. 

Racing to catch up with the enemy sled....
investigating and nudging the enemy sled...
and finally, flexing his muscles, barking at, and "backing down" the enemy sled.  He is so tough.
3.  Ab Circuit: 1 set
      - Ab Wheel x 10
      - Hip Lifts x 20
      - Windmills x 15 per side

It may look like a cake walk...
but it actually feels as if your abs will rip in two.  Good times.
Hip Lifts
Windmill (and the photo-bomber)
4.  Split Squats:  3 work sets
     - Warm-up:  Body Weight x 6
     - Warm-up:  10 lbs in each hand x 6
     - Work sets:  20 lbs in each hand x 6

(This was about 80% of my 50 lb max last week in the 10,8,5,3 work sets)

In pain
4.  Bench Press:  3 work sets
     - Warm-up:  Bar x 6
     - Warm-up:  55 lbs x 6
     - Warm-up:  65 lbs x 6
     - Warm-up:  75 lbs x 6
     - Work sets:  80 lbs x 6

(This was about  85% of my 95 lb max last week in the 10,8,5,3 work sets)
Bench Press

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