Finally Friday

Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday.  Finally.  

I am beyond thrilled that we are staying in town this weekend.  Scott and I have pretty much been on the go for the past four weekends, so it will be nice to relax for a change.  

And by relax I mean Scott working Saturday morning, me whipping up a lunch feast for friends on Saturday afternoon, us attending an engagement party on Saturday evening, and the usual church and chores before Mother's Day dinner on Sunday.  Oh, and its bike week here in Murrells Inlet,  South Carolina; complete with quadruple the usual summer traffic and loud exhaust pipes.  Good times.  

I am not really good at relaxing anyway.  

My workout today: 

1.  Warm up

2. Prowler: 3 trips total
      - 50 lbs x 50 yards

Traffic Jam
3.  AB Circuit:  2 sets, no rest between sets
     - Knee Raises x 10
     - Hammer hits 8 lbs hammer x 10 per side
     - Plank with resistance band pulls x 5 per side (new to me exercise)

Knee Raises
Hammer Hits (and a concerned King)
Scott got a new tire for his strong man training.  One can never have too many tractor tires to flip around.

Plank with Resistance Band Pulls

a.k.a. Hard as Hell (King was not impressed apparently)

4.  Deadlifts:  
     - Warm up 65 lbs x 6
     - 95 lbs x 6
     - 115 lbs x 6
     - 135 lbs x 6
     - 150 lbs x 6

5.  Kettle bell swings 
     - 35 lbs x 100 (I completed in sets of 35, 35 and 30)

Kettle Bell Swings
Happy Friday!

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