Embracing Crazy Notions

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Yesterday I finished my last scheduled run in the first week of the "0 to 5k" App (personally, I think I deserve some sort of reward).  The "runs", which are really half run/half walks at this point, are still enjoyable and relatively easy.  My mom has joined me on every run, and even showed up on Monday morning despite my many texts informing her and my sis-in-law that there would be no pre-dawn workouts on my day off.  When she realized the house was still completely dark and Scott and I were still snoozing, she was forced to go it alone. To our credit, King and I were not complete lazy asses on our day off - we went for a walk/jog later that morning at the more reasonable hour of 10:00 am.

Instagram Evidence
I know it's all in my head, but I feel like I can already see small changes in my definition as a result of the added cardio.  Whether it's in my head or not, it's definitely helping me stay motivated to get up to run before sunrise on the days I'm not lifting, so I have decided to embrace this crazy notion.

Today's workout: 

1. Warm up

2.  Sled drags - 2 trips
     - 45 lbs x 50 yards
     - 90 lbs x 50 yards

3.  Ab Circuit:  1 set 
     - Ab wheel x 12
     - Plank x 1 minute
     - Leg Raise with hip lift x 12
     - Modified reverse hyper extension x 12
     - Landmines x 12 per side
     - Kettle bell carry 35 lbs x 50 yards

Ab Wheel
Leg Raise with Hip Lift
Reverse Modified Hyper Extension
Anyone out there looking to lift their rear bit (let's be honest, who isn't), incorporate this exercise into your routine.  This move was killer - literally.  The burn you feel in the upper glutes is acute, severe and a clear indication of the potential results. 

Land Mines
4.  Squat and Bench Press Circuit:  4 sets, alternating, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Squats:
           1st set:  55 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  65 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  75 lbs x 10
           4th set:  85 lbs x 8
      - Bench Press
           1st set:  50 lbs x 15
           2nd set:  55 lbs x 12
           3rd set:  60 lbs x 10
           4th set:  65 lbs x 8

Squats (more guaranteed rear shaping)
Bench Press
5.  Circuit:  4 sets of each, alternating 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest
      - TRX rows
      - Reverse alternating lunges

TRX Rows
Reverse Alternating Lunges


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