Atlas Stone Factory

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So yesterday I came home to this...

Apparently the garage doubles as an atlas stone factory.  Who knew? (Please excuse the garage clutter, a spring cleaning is in order.)

Immediately after completing the Garage Games, Scott registered to compete in a Strongman competition being held in July in North Carolina. I admire his dedication to always improving his fitness and strength and challenging himself by entering into competitions.  It takes every bit of will power I can muster just to roll out of bed in the morning in time for my basic 6:00 am workout three days a week.  I haven't quite reached the fitness commitment level of training for an event.

Speaking of workouts, mine looked like this:

1.  Warm up

2. Sled drags:
      - 45 lbs x 40 yards 
      - 70 lbs x 40 yards
      - 95 lbs x 40 yards

I spy a lagging pup...
Don't leave me!
3. Ab Circuit: 2 sets
      - Leg raises with hip lift x 20
      - Plank x 60 seconds
      - Landmines x 20 per side

Neon orange is the new black
4. Split Squats
     - Warm up: No weight x 20 per leg
     - 20 lbs x 10 per leg
     - 30 lbs x 8 per leg
     - 40 lbs x 5 per leg
     - 50 lbs x 3 per leg

Concentrating hard on not toppling over
5.  Bench Press
     -  Warm up: Bar x 10
     - 55 lbs x 10
     - 65 lbs x 8
     - 75 lbs x 5
     - 85 lbs x 3 
     - 95 lbs x 3 (Personal Record!!!!)

Slightly excited
6. Mini Circuit
     - Back Raise x 25
     - TRX Rows x 25

Photo-bomber strikes again (and steals the camera focus)


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