Monday, April 1, 2013

Today I turned thirty-two.  

Scott took these pictures of me last night at our family Easter dinner/birthday celebration for me.  In my usual fashion, when looking through pictures of myself, I used the "trash" button as the "next" button.  When Scott realized that I had deleted every picture but the blurry picture with King, he was less than impressed with my antics (I just can't bring myself to delete pictures of King). 

The only original survivor
Reluctantly, I pulled all of the pictures out of the trash and started to look at them from a different angle.  I realized that if the Lord graces me with the gift of living another thirty-two years, that woman will want to look at these pictures to remember what life was like in 2013, when King was her dog, her marriage was only seven months away, and her niece Walker Grace was due any day.   

If I know me at sixty-four, I will be a wine totin' - rabble rousin' - feisty - out-spoken - force to be reckoned with (much like the me today times two).  And that battle ax would kick my ass for deleting pictures of her when she was young, newly brunette, and madly in love. 

So to prevent the wrath of the older me, I am writing this post.

Coincidentally, yesterday one of my best friends, and college roommate, posted on Facebook that our jam from our spring break cruise during senior year of college was in the iTunes top 200 list - R. Kelley's Ignition Remix.  You know you loved it too.  Apparently, the kids spring breaking today are  going old school.   

It got me thinking about the younger me, and whether that twenty-two year old from 2003 would recognize the thirty-two year old me.  I am not certain she would identify with me; after all, she was ten feet tall and bullet proof, with the mouth of a sailor and and the world at her feet.  But I'd like to think she'd be proud of the woman she had become.

And guess what?!?  Little Miss Walker Grace did not take her time...

She is head strong and willful (like her aunt) and wanted to share a birthday with her Aunt April and Great Grandmother Jewel.    Three generations of Dendy woman born on April Fool's day!  What are the chances??

She is prefect in every way, and the best birthday present I could possibly ask for.  I see many of shopping trips to Charleston with my sweet niece on our birthdays in the future. 

And I must say, the only fool is the one who decides to underestimate a Dendy woman.   I love you to the moon and back Walker Grace.  You are my blessing and gift.


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