Stress Issues

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A few Wednesday randoms:

A) It's still too cold to wear my cute new workout clothes.  I'm irate a little annoyed.  It reminds me of when I was young and mom would take us shopping for ________ (insert gift giving holiday here), but then we'd have to wait weeks to actually wear them.  #completelyunreasonable

B)  Work is more than a little crazy right now.  I think I need a vacation.

C) Because of (B), I have been a total nightmare a little stressed.  This stress has led me to do asinine things like blame Scott for causing me to knock the egg carton out of the fridge (resulting in a raw egg explosion all over the floor) when he was clear across the room.  I am a real treat.  Sorry (again) babe.

D) In an attempt to minimize (B) and (C), I am taking Friday off and heading to Charlotte for a girls weekend.  Friday cannot get here fast enough.

Enough about my issues.  Today's workout:

1. Warm up

2. Ab Circuit: 2 sets
      - Landmines x 10 per side
      - TRX knee tucks x 10
      - Farmers walk holding 50lb kettle bells in each hand x 2 length of gym

TRX Knee Tuck (and getting assaulted by King)
TRX Knee Tuck (assault continues)
3.  Circuit:  3 sets, less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - Kettle bell swings overhead 25 lbs x 10
     - Turkish get-ups with a 40lbs bag x 2 per side
     - Inclined dumbbell press 25 lbs x 12
     - Dumbbell rows 25 lbs x 12 per arm
     - Walking lunges x 15 per leg

Kettle Bell Swings
Turkish Get-ups
Inclined Press
Dumbbell Row
Walking Lunges


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