Spring - MIA

Monday, April 22, 2013

Where the hell did Spring go?

As you may have read on my weekly wrap-up post yesterday, this past weekend I attended the Garage Games at Broadway at the Beach to cheer Scott on.   The Garage Games is a two-day Cross Fit competition hosted by Cross Fit Vengeance where men and woman compete in five WOD events spread over the two day period.  

My take away from the Garage Games (in addition to wanting to be fitter, stronger, and all around more bad ass like the female competitors)?  The realization that my workout wardrobe was in desperate need of a revamp. The female Garage Games competitors had the most amazing workout clothes.  Everywhere I turned I saw cute graphic racer-back tanks, bright patterned shorts and neon shoes.  I was more than a little jealous - they put my all black workout wardrobe to shame. 

So I did what any rational female would do - I headed to the sporting goods store and spent a small fortune on new workout clothes. After all, life's too short to wear boring workout clothes.

When I bee-bopped myself downstairs this morning ready to work out in my new neon tangerine Reebok shorts, white burn-out tank, and royal blue sports bra, Scott quickly informed me that it was about 50 degrees outside; a little too chilly for my spring gear.  Deflated, I trudged back upstairs and pulled out my recently retired all black gear. I'd be lying if I said it didn't put a damper on my enthusiasm to workout this morning. 

I'm crossing my fingers that Spring returns soon so I can add some color to these posts.

My workout today looked like this:

1. Warm up

2. Ab Circuit: 2 sets
      - Plank x 60 seconds
      - Leg raises with hip lift x 10
      - Hammer hits x 10 per side (8lbs hammer first round, 16 lbs hammer second round)

Plank (and noticing I am far overdue for a mani)
Leg Raise
Hammer Hits (Good release of the Monday morning negativity vibes)
3.  Circuit:  3 sets, less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - TRX rows x 15
     - Split squats 30 lbs x 8 per leg
     - Pushups x 12

TRX Rows

Split Squats (and lazy King)
Pushups (embarrassment over state of hands rises to a whole new level)
3.  Circuit:  2 sets, less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - Ab wheel x 10
     - Tricep extension x 12
     - Glute ham raise x 12

Ab Wheel (King obviously wants his "toy" back)
Tricep Extension (seconds later King started tugging on the ropes and racing around the gym like a maniac - he was full of it this morning)
Glute Ham Raise


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