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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Last night I was so excited to come home to this on my front porch...

MY WEBER GAS GRILL!!!  WOO HOO!  I wanted to move it to the porch immediately and start putting it together.  Unfortunately, I quickly realized that would more than likely not be possible until Scott got home when I saw this warning:

I was correct.  Turns out the dang thing weighs 180 pounds!?!?! (Which also happens to be my one rep dead lift max, so maybe I could have done it.  Kidding.) I have a feeling Amazon Prime free delivery paid for itself 3 times over with this delivery.   

I'm thrilled to finally have a grill that I can fire up and will be ready to go within minutes.  And before all of you charcoal enthusiasts turn your noses up at me, let it be known that charcoal grills are my preferred method of grilling from a flavor perspective.  In fact, the only grill I have owned and cooked on for the past 8 years is a classic Weber charcoal grill, and I love it.  My dream grill is the Big Green Egg, and you can bet your ass I'll have one in the near future.  Saving my pennies.

Unfortunately, pulling out the charcoal and firing up the grill is too cumbersome and time consuming on a busy weeknight.  From now on, I'll save the charcoal for the relaxed and slow paced weekends and rely on the gas grill for quick and easy weeknight meals. 

Prepare yourselves for an obnoxious amount of grilled recipes. 

My workout today looked like this:

1. Warm up

2. Ab Circuit: 1 set
      - Plank x 60 seconds
      - Leg Raises x 1
      - Landmines x 10 per side
Had to throw this in 'cause he's just so stinkin cute
3.   Circuit: 3 sets of each in 9 minutes, 40 seconds on, 20 seconds transitions
      -  Split squats (I averaged 8 per leg in 40 seconds)
      -  Pushups (I averaged 18 in 40 seconds)
      -  TRX Rows (I averaged 22 in 40 seconds)

Split Squat (knee should be closer to 90 degree angle)

I hate push ups...
with a passion.
3.   Circuit: 3 sets of each, as fast as possible
      -  Back raises holding 10 lbs weight behind head x10
      -  Hammer curls 20 lbs x 10 per arm
      -  Triceps Extensions 10 lbs x 10

Weighted Back Raises
Hammer Curls
Tricep Extensions
4.  Prowler Sprints:  5 round trips, 20 yards each way

Thinking happy thoughts...
ignoring severe cramping of muscles and inability to breathe...
and praying this damn contraption would miraculously break.


  1. Full of awesomeness. Pushup form looks tight. What's your opinion on skull crusher form? Some people do 'em on a slant and let the dumbells drift behind the head; it supposedly keeps tension on the tris throughout the movement. Thoughts?

    1. My elbow joints are a little weak and the skull crusher technique kills them. I'm a wuss.

  2. YAY for grilled recipes! I have much love for the gas grill - as well as the charcoal grill. Sometimes you have to mix it up, you know? Love the blog!

    1. A girl can never have too many options! And thank you!


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