Good News and Bad News

Friday, April 5, 2013

Good news and bad news for you on this Friday. 

Good news:  After reaching my break point with the limitations of iPhoto last night, I broke down and downloaded Adobe Lightroom.  Hopefully, I will be blowing you away with my photo skills in the very near future. 

"What are you talking about? I need no editing"
Bad news:  I have not figured out how the hell to use my new software, so today's workout pictures leave a lot to be desired in terms of color and clarity (and not just because I am the subject - although I'll concede that it is a strong contributing factor).

It looked like this:

1. Warmup
      - Stretching
      - Kettle Bell swings

2. Ab Circuit: 3 sets; 10 second rest between each exercise
      - Planks; 20 seconds
      - Leg Raises; 20 seconds (averaged about  8 reps)
      - Land Mines; 20 seconds (average about 6 reps per side)
      - Back Raises; 20 seconds (averaged about 10 reps)

Plank (I need to flatten my back)
Land Mines to the right
Landmines to the left

3.  Circuit: 5 sets; less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - Band Assisted Pullups x 10
     - Glute Ham Raises x 10

4.  Circuit: 5 sets; less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - Bottoms-up Kettle Bell Piston Press 15 lbs x 5 per side
     - Single Leg Squat x 10 per leg (keep the raised leg off the floor for the entire set if possible)

Bottoms-up Kettle Bell Piston Press
Maintaining the bell in an inverted position is much more challenging than it looks and it helps strengthen your grip. 
Single Leg Squat (concentrating intently, apparently)
5.  Prowler Challenge:  10 trips (down and back about 15 yards each way = 1 trip); 20 seconds per round trip with 10 second rest between each trip.5 minutes total.  Torture.
Dreaded Prowler Challenge


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