Better Late Than Never

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I had great intentions of posting today's workout before the sun went down. But the pesky bill-paying job got in the way.  The nerve.

My workout today looked like this:

1.  Warm up

2.  Ab Circuit: 3 sets; 10 second rest between each exercise
     - Weighted Plank (10 lbs and 25 lbs)  for 60 seconds
     - Leg raises of lifted bench x 10
     - Landmines with 10 lbs x 10 per side

Weighted Plank
Raised Leg Raises
3.   Circuit:  5 sets; less than 1 minute rest between sets
     - Band assisted pull-ups x 10
     - Glute ham raises x 10

Glute Ham Raises
Band Assisted Pull-ups
 4.  Kettle Bell Circuit:  3 sets; less than 1 minute rest between sets, 2 15 lbs. kettle bells in hand
     - Dead lifts x 10
     - Clean Press x 10 
     - Goblin Squat x 10 

and Press
Luckily, I was able to get a few fun activities in before the day went to hell in a hand basket.

Like some QT with this guy...

"I deserve this much attention"
Watching the sun rise...

Never Gets Old
 And smooching on this sweet face.


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