A King-like Monday Morning

Monday, March 18, 2013

This was pretty much me this morning...

Lazy.  Worthless.  Lethargic.  Unindustrious.  Comatose.  Lagging.  Slothful.  Weary.  In other words, King-like.
I did not go the gym this morning; I chose to sleep in instead.  Although I am pretty sure that the term "sleeping in" is somewhat of a misnomer in this instance.  You see, Scott got up at 4 something, and King got up somewhere around 4:30 to join Scott, making his usual exit with fanfare from the bed.  Scott then came to wake me up for the gym at 5:00, which I quickly shut down.  King, never wanting to be left out of the family dynamic, came back up at around 5:30 to get back in bed (think lots of whining, lots of grunting and a lamp turned on so that he could see to get back on the bed).  Scott got back up to get ready for work at 6:00 and then came to get King at 6:30 to leave for work. 
So if sleeping in to you means getting up around 4 a.m., then yes, I slept in. 
My only excuse is that we had a fairly busy weekend, and I felt more exhausted than my usual Monday morning grogginess.  I know when my body needs to sit a round out. 
It also may be that I agreed to start attending  Yoga classes with my good friend Meg Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. (hot yoga of all things) and Sunday's at 7:00 a.m.  That means (a) I will be working out five-six days a week and (b) lazy weekend mornings are a thing of the past.  What was I thinking??
I need to take more cues from this guy.  He seems to have it all figured out.

If any of you yogis out there have some advice for a new practitioner with two left feet and the flexibility of a steel beam, send it my way.


  1. I used to practice yoga (also while weight training) and even got certified to teach Power Vinyasa. My only advice is this: just remember that our bodies and bones dictate the amount of "flexibility" we can actually have. Some people mistakenly think that if they practice long enough and hard enough, they can attain certain backbends or splits. The truth is that yes, you can increase your flexibility, but the structure of your joints ultimately determines whether you can do front splits or side splits, etc.

    Enjoy the stretch, try not to over-do it! When I practiced yoga 2-3 times a week, plus my regular weight training and daily walks with my dog (at that time), I eventually ended up with runner's knee (not from running, from yoga), and aching elbow and knee joints. My knees have never been the same.

    Listen to your body, try not to compare yourself to others!

    1. Thanks V, good advice! I have never been very flexible (or coordinated). I am really just looking for a good stretch to balance the heavy training days. I know my limits!


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