It's a Family Tradition

Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm fortunate to have a rather large family, particularly on my Mom's side, the Davis'. 

Admission - I just had to Google how to make Davis' plural, I was going for "the Davisis".  How's that for allegedly over edumacated person?

What makes me even more fortunate, is that the majority of the Davis' live in the vicinity of Myrtle Beach and Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, so we gather every few weeks over family dinners to catch up.  Last night was an extra special family dinner because we celebrated my grandparents 61st wedding anniversary.  SIXTY-ONE YEARS!!  Truly amazing.  If you have been reading, you already know my grandpa's sentiments on this subject.  

We decided to go pot luck style to make it a little easier on my mom, the host.  We started with drinks, delicious spinach dip and pimento cheese made by my Aunt Terri, and the usual stories, jokes and good natured heckling of one another. 

Aunt Steph and Uncle Rick
Joey, Grandpa, and Scott

Jill, Aunt Terri and Pete
We then gathered for a quick blessing of the food before filling our plates.
Blessing the Grub
On the Menu was slow roasted pork shoulder, chickitilla casserole, broccoli casserole, green beans, sweet potato casserole, rice, gravy, salad, and rolls.

Part of the Spread

I contributed a Spaghetti Squash and Asparagus Casserole (recipe will be on the blog tomorrow). I was shocked to see it disappear so quickly considering the majority of the males in my family have an aversion to anything green.  

Spaghetti Squash and Asparagus Casserole
Next we line up to fill our plates.

You see that guy in the back in the khaki sweater?  That's my Uncle Brad.  Generally we like to make him go last as he tends to take portion sizes large enough to feed a small army (his metabolism infuriates me).  He somehow managed to snag an early spot in line.  We were lucky there was enough food to go around. 

The Buffet Line
Once our plates are completely out of real estate, we grab whatever seat is available and dig in.
Below is the lady of honor herself, my grandma.  We like to call her Sea Bass.  Of course she looks nothing like a sea bass, but she's the perfect combination of fiery, sassy, and feisty.  When we were kids, we would say "kick his ass, Sea Bass" (from Grumpy Old Men) every time she'd make a sassy remark to our Grandpa.  The nickname Sea Bass stuck.  She even has an apron emblazoned with "Sea Bass" from Jill.   

Sea Bass
And the man of honor, my Grandpa with my Mom.  Aren't they adorable?

Mom and Grandpa
We ended the evening with a little "Purple Pie", as my dad calls it, made by my Aunt Steph.  Its my dad's favorite pie in the world, and may even be his most favorite dessert in the world.  It is more universally know as chocolate meringue pie.  Initially, there were two pies, but only one could be found when it came time for dessert.  I can only imagine who stole the second.

Purple Pie

For all of the Davis' who couldn't be there, we missed you!  You can have peace of mind knowing Brad ate your share.

To round out the festivities, my grandparents leave for a cruise on Wednesday to celebrate their anniversary in style.  How awesome is that?  I can only hope Scott and I will spend our 61st wedding anniversary on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean!  They might find a stow away in their luggage.

After all of that indulging, my work out today was a necessity.  It looked like this:

1. Warmup
      - Stretching
      - Kettlebell swings

2. Ab Circuit:  4 sets; 10 second rest between each exercise
      - Hanging knee raises; 20 seconds (averaged about 10 reps)
      - L sit-ups off Glute/Ham; 20 seconds (averaged about 10 reps)
      - Back Raises; 20 seconds (averaged about 12 reps)
3. Circuit: AMRAP in 30 minutes, 1-2 minutes rest between sets (I finished 4 sets in 25 minutes)
     - Turkish Get-ups x 1 per side
     - Split Squats 15 lbs x 6 per side
     - Push-ups x 8 per side
     - TRX Rows x 10 per side
     - Ab Wheel x 8
     - Prowler pushes low handle down and back 15 yards x 2

King was feeling very photogenic this morning.  

Kisses during Turkish Get-ups

Stand-off with the Prowler

Photobombing the Ab Wheel


  1. Peggy LathromMarch 26, 2013

    Another beautiful Davis-Dendy Love Story.... It only happens to the best of people...

    1. Thanks Peggy!! Although Scott and I are just starting, I realize it takes a lot of work. Kudos to you guys that have been at it for so long!!


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