Friday, March 22, 2013

I woke up this morning to the sound of angels singing, trumpets blaring, and birds chirping.  I lied about the birds - they wisely weren't awake yet.
We slept through the entire night without interruptions  That's like 6 1/2 hours of sleep.  Unbelievable.  Unheard of.  Unprecedented. 

Maybe I need to take King to the vet for a checkup, he may be ill.

Because I have been writing these work out posts at 5 in the morning before I work out running on very little sleep, I have admittedly been a bit grumpy this week.  Sorry for being a Debbi Downer.  To prove to you that I normally not so negative, I am going entertain you with a brief list of all of the things I am loving right now*:

Parks and Recreation:  As usual, we are the last ones to the party, but this show is hysterical.  We canceled cable a few months back (collective gasp), and rely only on Internet TV  now for the three scant hours we sit down to watch TV a week.  We were looking for a new series to follow on Amazon (see below) and we gave this a shot based on a recommendation from a co-worker.  Best recommendation ever.   NBC nailed it.

Image via Google Images
Zico Chocolate Coconut Water: Regular coconut water does nothing for me, but this chocolate version tastes like the milk left over after a bowl of Coco Puffs.  I kid you not.  Perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth without all of the guilt.   

Barney Almond Butter:   I'm not generally a fan of almond butter.  I don't have a good reason to discriminate against almond butter; I just always find myself wishing it would taste more like its super star cousin peanut butter.  The people at Barney answered my foodie prayers.  Their almond butter is smooth, creamy, and tastes very similar to peanut butter.  I'm hooked. 

Cover Girl Queen Gloss Balm in Cosmo Confetti:  This has been my go-to lip color since I swooped it up at CVS a few weeks back.  The pink is the perfect bubble gum pink for spring (bright, but not too obnoxious).

Amazon Prime:  Truth be told, I accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime a few months back.  I meant to x out the screen, but confirmed payment instead.   Best mistake ever.  I don't know how I ever lived a day without free two-day delivery.  I order everything from dry shampoo to camera lenses to yoga pants.  Not only does it save me a trip to the store, but its considerably cheaper.  If you are in the market for electronics, you'd be crazy not to consider the Amazon Warehouse Deals under the "used" tab.  The items designated "like new" are basically items that have never been used, but the box has been opened or damaged to the point Amazon can't sell them as new.  I got my camera from the Amazon Warehouse.  It was in mint condition and it was $400 cheaper than retail.  Win.

Gelish Manicure:   In the past, when I'd get a manicure, my nails would be chipped within 6 hours.  This is not an exaggeration.  Biggest waste of $30 in my life.  Although I was skeptical at first, the Gelish Polish is a game changer.  The brand Gelish is critical, the Shellac and OPI versions do not last as long for me.  Gelish lasts at least 14 days on my nails sometimes even longer.  Tiger Blossom is my favorite - it's the perfect coral. 

And of course, my workout:

1.  Warmup
     - Stretching
     - Kettlebell swings

2. Ab Circuit: 3 sets; 10 second rest between each exercise
      - Hanging knee raises; 20 seconds (averaged about 10 reps)
      - L sit-ups off Glute/Ham; 20 seconds (averaged about 10 reps)
      - Ab wheel; 20 seconds (averaged about 4 reps)
      - Windmills 15 lbs kettle bell; 20 seconds per side (averaged about 6 reps per side)

3.  Circuit:  AMRAP in 30 minutes, 1-2 minutes rest between sets (I finished 6 sets in 25 minutes)
     - Power Clean and Overhead Push-Press 65 lbs x 3
     - Hammer hits with 16 lbs. hammer x 5 per side
     - Ring assisted pull ups x 8
     - Glute Ham Raise x 10

Power Clean

Push Press
On my way home, I was headed to the inlet to snap a picture of the jaw dropping pink sunrise sky when I saw this...

One of Georgetown County's finest wanted a word with me for allegedly (innocent until proven guilty) rolling through a stop sign.   I'm not going to let this unfortunate encounter get me down, even if his 20 minute detention (which included a 5 minute conversation with his buddy who pulled up mid detention) kept me from capturing my sunrise.  Plus I got a few dollars, I can fight the case.

*  I'm sure I do not have to tell you this, but I am not important enough to be paid for my opinions.  I just wanted to share with you what I'm currently obsessing over.

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