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Friday, March 8, 2013

Why, hello there Friday.  You are looking might fine today.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?  I wouldn’t say we have big plans, but we do have quite a bit going on.   Most importantly... 

mailing out our “Save the Dates”.   If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I may or may not have been jumping up and down when I saw that this package had arrived on Wednesday.   I ordered the cards from A La Carte Paperie on Etsy, and they turned even more amazing than I expected.  I am officially Etsy obsessed; especially when it comes to planning the wedding I wish would plan itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Scott to the moon and back times infinity plus 1,000 and I am anxious to be married to him (that’s what the jumping up and down is really all about), but I would have been just as happy to head to the court house or elope.  Weddings just aren’t my thing, and planning a wedding sure as hell is not my thing.   However, my mom, Scott’s mom, our grandmothers, and my sister-in-law (weddings are without a doubt her thing) would have been less than impressed with that “crazy” idea, so we found a happy medium – a small destination wedding in Asheville, NC in October.  Of course I picked prime leaf season, so I need to get these babies out the door.

In addition, we have a wedding and a birthday celebration on Saturday night (double booked – eek), and Scott’s best friend is coming for dinner on Sunday night.   Jam packed.  

Enough with the wedding talk.  Without further ado, today’s work out looked like this:

1.  Warm up:  Kettle bell Complex: Two 15 lb kettle bells; 2 sets
     - Dead lifts x 8
     - Over-head presses x 8
     - Squats x 8

2. Dead lifts: 3 work sets, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Warm up: 95 lbs x 5
      - Warm up: 115 lbs x 5
      - Warm up: 135 lbs x5
      - Work set: 140 lbs x 5

3. Overhead Presses: 3 work sets, less than a minute rest between sets
      - Warm up: 45 lbs x 5
      - Work sets: 50 lbs x 5
4.  Pull up / Glute Ham Raise Circuit:  3 work sets alternating, less than a minute rest between sets
     - Band Assisted Pull ups:  20 reps first set, 15 second set, 10 third set
     - Glute Ham Raise:  20 reps first set, 15 second set, 10 third set

5.  Ab Circuit: 2 work sets
     - Leg Raise with Hip Lift x 20
     - Ab Wheel x 10
     - Windmill with 15 lb kettle bell x 10
     - Prowler trips x 2

Just so you know, the ab wheel ranks right up there with the prowler as a modern day torture device.   Put those two together in one circuit, and I am the least happiest of all campers.

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