Early Week Affective Disorder

Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh Friday, how I have missed you.

Wouldn't you agree that Friday's are marvelous?  The weekend (i.e. freedom) is a mere hours away, moods are elevated, plans are formulating, and relaxation is within reach. 
I a pretty certain that I have Early Week Affective Disorder.  And yes, I may have just fabricated this "condition", but I pretty certain the diagnosis is accurate.  Much like people afflicted with Seasonal Affective Disorder are depressed at a certain time of the year (i.e. winter), I am depressed at a certain part of the week (i.e. Monday through Wednesday).   Things inevitably start improving on Thursdays, and everything is miraculously better on Fridays.

Apparently, everything improves on Friday except for my photographs.  I managed to capture zero clear shots of my workout this morning.  I did, however, manage to capture a dazzling picture of the sunrise sky, so I give you that instead. 

My workout looked like this:

1.  Dead lifts
    - Warm up:  45 lbs :(bar) x 10
    - Warm up: 65 lbs x 10
    - Warm up:  85 lbs x 6
    - Warm up: 105 lbs x 6
    - Work sets:  135 lbs x 6, 4 sets

2.  Overhead Presses
      - Work sets:  45 lbs  x 6, 4 sets

3.  Circuit: 3 sets, less than one minute rest between each set
     - Hammer hits x 15
     - Push ups x 15
     - Rows x 15
     - Up/Downs x 15
     - Butterfly sit-up x 15

I also managed to catch a shot of Amber attempting the Prowler for the first time.  I think she will confirm my assertion that the Prowler is the equivalent of a modern day torture device. 

Anyone else afflicted with Early Week Affective Disorder?  The only sure-fire cure is wine.  Lots of wine. 

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