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Friday, February 22, 2013

Name that movie...

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GREASE 2!!  I am unashamed with my lifelong childhood obsession for this 1980's musical masterpiece.   I would watch this movie over and over as a kid.  I knew every line.  I sang along to every song.  I wanted to be Michelle Pfeiffer (that hasn't changed - she is freaking gorgeous).  I wanted to date a T-Bird.  And I most definitely wanted to participate in the Rydell High talent show as a "Girl for all Season".  How awesome were those costumes??  Sorry Rotten Tomatoes, but you got this one all wrong. 
Given their propensity to skip gym class and smoke cigarettes, I don't think the prowlin' from today's work out was what T-Birds had in mind.
Today's work out looked like this:
1. Kettle Bell Swings and Pull ups Circuit (4 rounds):
     a.  25 Kettle Bell chest level swings with 50 lb bell; 5 assisted pull ups
     b.  25 Kettle Bell chest level swings with 50 lb bell; 6 assisted pull ups
     c.  20 Kettle Bell chest level swings with 50 lb bell; 7 assisted pull ups
     d.  20 Kettle Bell chest level swings with 50 lb bell; 8 assisted pull ups

I intentionally omitted my pull ups shot. Lets just say I need to improve maintaining a straight form.  I was all over the place. 
2. Overhead Press and Back Raise/Glute Ham Raise Circuit (4 rounds):
      a. 10 overhead presses (45 lb bar); 6 back raise/glute ham raise combo;* x 4

*The back raise/glute ham raise combo is just 1 back raise followed immediately with one glute ham raise. The combination is 1 rep.


And the portion of the workout that inspired this post's title, and equates to my own personal hell...
3.  Prowler AMRAP Challenge - 5 minutes total
     a.  Push prowler high handle 15 yards; push prowler low handles 15 yards; rest 10 seconds; repeat.

If you have never heard of the prowler, Google it.  The Internet will tell you the prowler sled is one of the best conditioning tools out there - that it will burn fat, build muscle, increase overall strength and improve your mental toughness. 
 I will tell you it is a modern day torture device.  But it works.  5 minutes of prowler pushes feels like the equivalent of a 5 mile run after a complete lower body lift day. It's a guaranteed love hate relationship.  If you have a prowler available, use it.  Your derriere will thank you.
Meanwhile, Mom was getting some assistance from King with her back raises. I think that qualifies as cheating.

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  1. Grease 2 is legendary. As a kid I watched it at least 20 times. People who don't appreciate this classic should have their citizenship revoked.


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