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Thursday, February 21, 2013

2013 is proving to be a milestone year for my family.   You may have have seen my previous post that my older sister, Amber,  is getting married in June.  Scott and I are  getting married October 25th in Asheville, North Carolina (aww yeah!). And, my brother, John, and his wife, Morgan, are expecting their first child in early April.   

Morgan's due date is April 8th, but I am selfishly praying for an April 1st birthday so Walker can share a birthday with her most favorite aunt and her great grandmother Jewel (dad's mom)).
Yes, I am an April Fool's baby, and yes, my name is April.   You see, I was predicted to be a boy.  My parents really wanted a boy.  They already had a girl.  My mom was confident she was carrying a boy, although no tests were performed to confirm her hunch.  My grandmother Jewel even went so far as to quilt me a red choo-choo train blanket.  Needless to say, I came into this world in a blaze of shock and awe and without a name.  Obviously, my mom was not feeling particularly creative that day.  

Kidding Mom (not really).

So to help Morgan and John get ready for their bambino, Mom, Amber, Morgan's best friends Jill and Michelle and I threw Morgan a baby shower last Saturday.   

From left to right, Michelle, Morgan, Jill and yours truly. 

You see all of the amazing cute and crafty decorations below?  I can claim none of them.  Those are the product of the uber talented and crafty Jill and Michelle.

You see that adorable crystal mobile hanging to the left in this picture of Morgan and big sis?  Can't claim that either.  That is Amber's creation.  She was apparently blessed with all of the creativity and talent in the family.

Notice the adorable baby clothes with the crab and the starfish applique in the picture below (and all of the embroidered clothes and accessories in all of the pictures)?  You guessed it, not my handiwork.  Those are are from my mom's line of baby clothes and accessories Palmetto Baby Designs.

So what exactly did I contribute to this shower you might ask?  Drunken Pimento Cheese and Mimosas.

You heard me right, my contributions to a baby shower consist of booze and boozy food.  And boiled shrimp.  Who doesn't love a delicious shrimp cocktail? With a Mimosa (or two).

More on the food in a minute.

Jill came up with the cutest idea.  All guests were asked to fill out a card pre-printed with spaces for to write predictions about the baby such as the due date, eye color, weight, and length, etc.  There was also a space on the back to offer baby Walker advice.  

Once guests filled out the cards, they attached them to a "tree" that served as a center piece for one of the tables.

This is by far one of the most thoughtful and meaningful activities benefiting the parents to be that I have seen at a baby shower, and this ain't my first rodeo people.  I can't wait to read those cards.

As for the food, where do I begin?  There were so many delicious "horse dervies"- chicken salad phylo cups, pigs in blankets, BLT bites, lemony cheesecake spread, cucumber sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, meatballs, Drunken Pimento Cheese (yea baby), cake ball truffles.

And the crème de la crème, my mom's breakfast casserole.  This is the stuff diets are cast aside for people.

And, of course, some non-spiked beverages for those so inclined (not my doing).

The turn out was a perfect mix of friends, Morgan's family and our family.

Below is a picture of my "sister from a different miss" (cousin) Jillian Leigh and my Aunt Terri.  Jill and I are only a year apart, so we grew up as sisters.  I love her more than my luggage.

After the bellies were full and the mimosas were empty (literally, they were a hit), we moved on to the presents.  I must say, Miss Morgan racked up!  I am fairly confident she got everything on her registry and them some.

However, in my humble (yeah right) opinion, the best gift of all was a hand crocheted blank from my Grandma Dorie (mom's mom).  Grandma has crocheted all of here grandchildren and great grands blankets. I can't think of a more special gift.

Needless to say, Morgan was in shock and so touched by the special gift.

An at the end of the party, Kona stopped by to police the party and ensure none of the guests had gotten out of hand with the spirits.

You see that stink eye??  She is definitely judging...


  1. Love the story about your birth and name! You looked dynamite at the shower.

  2. Everything in your party is so very amazing. Host is having a fabulous taste. My friend's baby shower was a bright sunny day. Celebrations were done at one of the garden spaced Los Angeles venues with mesmerizing weather. Pictures were clicked and mommy to be was so excited to dance and enjoy her special afternoon.


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