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Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday mornings are always that hardest.  5:00 am just feels like a cheap shot on a Monday.  Especially a dreary, rainy Monday like we are experiencing today.  However, I knew I had to get my butt out of bed.  I missed last Friday's work out because Scott's alarm didn't go off (i.e. he shut it off and fell back asleep).  Scott made it in (albeit 10 minutes late) to train Mom, but I decided to pass because rushing inevitably puts me in a bad mood. 
I started by stretching, and of course, ended up with this guy on my lap.

The first part of the work out was pull ups and Turkish Get-ups (I would try to explain, but it would be easier to Google it - trust me).  It looked like this:

1.  Assisted pull ups (with large stretch bands):
   Warm up with high resistance band:  2 sets of 3 reps
   Move down in resistance:  1 set 3 reps
   Move down in resistance:  1 set 3 reps
   Move down in resistance:  1 set 2 reps
   No assistance:  1 set 1 rep (Still working to be able to do several unassisted pull ups.  I hate pull ups.)

2.  In between each set, 1 Turkish Get-Up per side with a 40 lb sand bag.

Second part of the workout was a circuit incorporating five exercises.

The goal is to do as many reps as possible (AMRAP) per movement in a minute, with a one minute rest at the end of each set.  Repeat three times, for a total of 17 minutes.  

The five exercises were kettle bell swings, push ups, walking lunges, TRX rows and L-sit ups. That's my Mom below working on her own circuit.  She is awesome.

And this is King's idea of an early morning workout...

So my circuit looked like this:

1. Kettle bell swings, 35 lb kettle bell overhead, AMRAP 1 minute
2. Push ups, AMRAP 1 minute
3. Walking Lunges, AMRAP 1 minute
4.  TRX Rows, AMRAP 1 minute
5. L-sit ups, AMRAP 1 minute
6.  Rest, 1 minute

Repeat for a total of 3 sets.

It was honestly a tough circuit.  I had to lay down to catch my breath when it was over.  Needless to say it is not easy to catch your breath with 110+ lbs on your stomach. 

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