His Higness, the King

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I had a sneaking suspicion that I was not going to have the best night of sleep when I crawled into bed last night beside this monster.

As of late, King has decided he needs to be sleeping equal with his people.  That means head level to ours, taking up 44% of the bed.  Scott already takes 55% of the bed.  I trust that you can do that math to figure out what that leaves me. Scott was lucky last night and had King's back to him, which left me with four legs brandishing four scratchy paws and twenty mastiff claws.  Yay.  Oh, and I almost forgot, loud mastiff snores and "running in his sleep" dreams.  Lucky me.

I posted this picture last night to Instagram with the caption "Rotten".  Truer words have never been spoken.

Needless to say I was actually happy to get out of bed and away from the mongrel this morning. 

Wednesday is my heavier lifting day. However, my bum was a bit sore from the lunges, Turkish gets ups, and kettle bell swings, so I didn't make any ground breaking improvements.

My workout looked like this:

1.  Squats:
       Warm up:  45 lbs (bar) x 5
                         65 lbs  x 5
                         85 lbs x 5
                         105 lbs x 5
        Workout   120 x 5, 5 sets

2.  Overhead Press:
        Warm up:  45 lbs (bar) x 5, 2 sets
        Workout:   50 lbs x 5, 5 sets

3.  Dead lifts:
       Warm up:  100 lbs x 3, 2 sets
       Workout:   135 x5, 5 sets (only 30 seconds of rest between each set)

That was about all I could muster before the lack of sleep hit me like a ton of bricks.  I need a nap.

Happy Wednesday!


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